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Footlogix offers the only “pediceutical” treatments on the market, which are the next generation of skin care for the feet. We use these products, developed specifically to address the health of your feet, in all our services. The technology used in these products allows them to quickly absorb into all five layers of the epidermis to provide maximum hydration for healthy, happy feet.

We all know how fun and relaxing pedicures can be, but do we realize how important consistent foot care is to our overall health? Enjoying a regular pedicure can be a great addition to your health regimen. Pedicures may also help prevent future foot problems.

If you have a skin, nail, or foot condition, call today to schedule an appointment for more specialized care. We are also an official retailer of the Footlogix product line, so if you’d like to purchase some products for at-home use, come by and see us. Results are seen quickly – sometimes within days – and users see continued improvement with long-term use. Diabetics can be assured of safety with these products, which are oil-free and non-occlusive, allowing the skin to breathe.

GelColor by OPI

How many times have you left the salon only to smudge your freshly polished toenails even before you got home? Do you need a quick pedicure, but don’t have time to wait until your polish dries? If you upgrade to GelColor by OPI, you’ll never have to worry about smears, smudges, or impression marks again. This innovative hybrid product involves no damage to your natural nails and is applied just like polish but wears like gel. It seals in seconds, gives you up to three weeks of flawless, coverage, and can be removed in minutes when you’re ready to change colors.

And because it dries so quickly, you’re ready to hop out of your pedicure chair and start shopping for shoes in mere moments…without worrying about that new coat of glossy color on your toenails!